HYBR Games is an indie board game studio from Dresden, Germany. Their innovative games combine original tabletop games with smartly integrated apps. That’s how the young team brings video game assets onto the family table, allowing deep story immersion, playing without rulebooks, and never seen before game mechanics. Samples of their game-changing ideas are the color mixing mechanic in “Soviet Kitchen” and the hidden information management in the social deduction hit “Houston, we have a Dolphin!”.

Andreas Wilde
Game Designer, Creative Manager
When Ando is not busy developing and transforming our business, he’s usually knee deep in the process of inventing, testing, and illustrating hybrid games. Fun fact: interrupting his creative processes will often leave him in a state of confused paralysis.
Milena Meißner
Executive Manager & Editorial
Graduating in industrial engineering, Milena came to Dresden to devote herself to a greater matter: Increase world fun level. Now she coordinates the business stuff: production, logistics and sales and her favourite “work“: game editing. Fun Fact: Wears the trousers at HYBR fun club.
Jonas Kopcsek
Senior Software Developer
Analyzing problems, articulating algorithms, pondering on solutions, devising cynical comments... As a compassionate gamer and programmer at heart, Jonas can’t help but analyse all games he comes in contact with by their mechanics, user interface and design - both in his free time and for HYBR. His analytic mind will be a vital asset when designing new games as well as for creating the software backend.
Bartłomiej Zalewski
Software Engineer, UI Designer
An all-rounder with his interests focused on three main things: business development, software engineering and traveling. He loves writing code as much as fine-tuning pitch decks and Excel sheets as well as arts and photography. Two fun facts about Barth: he is a synesthesist and a big fan of chickens.