HYBR Games is an indie board game studio from Dresden, Germany. Their innovative games combine original tabletop games with smartly integrated apps. That’s how the young team brings video game assets onto the family table, allowing deep story immersion, playing without rulebooks, and never seen before game mechanics. Samples of their game-changing ideas are the color mixing mechanic in “Soviet Kitchen” and the hidden information management in the social deduction hit “Houston, we have a Dolphin!”.

Andreas Wilde
CEO, Game Designer, Creative Manager
Most people know Ando as a man who once stretched his food with cabbage and has been telling everyone about it ever since. He is just as incredibly creative in all other areas of life: whether as a hard-as-nails designer, extraterrestrial inventor or evergreen illustrator. What no one is actually allowed to know: If it had been up to him, Atlantis would be found by ship and not by submarine, but his opinion counts for the least here.
Jonas Kopcsek
CEO, Senior Software Developer
Jonas is no stranger to multitalentosis. His soprano voice is unmistakable and he can sing, too. When he gets bored with backend development and programming perfidious algorithms, he likes to indulge in his existence as a business manager. As a sideline he works at the Humor Factory.
Julia Klöppel
Sales, Production & Accounting
Julia is not only a professional in tracking down sweets, but also in sales. But what would never drive her away from the HYBR beach are turtles, because they are among her favorite submarines. In her spare time, she enjoys managing license partners, juggling internal accounting and coordinating production.
Bartłomiej Zalewski
Software Engineer, UI Designer
In a fairer world, Barth could probably talk to chickens. Instead, in this world he deals with software development, interface design and business development. No one knows where his next journey will take him, but one thing is certain: On the path to culinary enlightenment, he will seize every opportunity to eat his fill.
Milena Meißner
Graduating in industrial engineering, Milena came to Dresden to devote herself to a greater matter: Increase world fun level. Now she coordinates the business stuff: production, logistics and sales and her favourite “work“: game editing.
Leonie Flechsig
If you're looking for a spiritual and moral savior in times of need, you'll quickly find it in Lola. When she's not thinking about the next joke, she's probably still laughing about the last one. In addition to research work, copywriting and graphic design, she muses a lot about her whale shark Oliver-Björn and fictional book titles.