They’re falling from the sky like dead flies. Our heroic comrades deserve a nutritious meal!
Draw your cards.
Throw the appropiate ingredients into the grinder. Describe the colors as good as you can, but never show your cards!
You have to cook this menu together. To do so, mix the correct colors together!
Your companion says... Let’s make this sausage! The green one! Unfortunately I’ve got only something blue... Do you have a yellow ingredient?
Choose an appropiate card!
The ingredient is in the grinder! Now it’s your companion’s turn!
Well done! You’re a good team. The percentage indicates the similarity of colors.
Now the gray mash.
Your companion says... I’ve got a gray card which doubles our points. Throw the most similar ingredient you’ve got.
Well done! Keep going!
Now the sauce.
Your companion says... I suggest to go first, because I’ve got a matching card.
Looks delicious!
Even soldiers in the field would never eat THAT!
Loading now, comrades!
Soviet Kitchen is a cooperative card game about blending the weirdest ingredients to match the perfect color! But beware comrades, Mother Russia can’t stand your toxic recipes forever!
Soviet Kitchen Box
25 minutes of playing in the highscore mode or long-time fun with the campaign
Up to 6 players! (Too many cooks spoil the broth? - Try the solo mode!)
No rule book needed! Just play! The app will help you.
This game can only be played with an Android or an iOS device with a front camera. Some functions require an Internet connection.

Not only Lenin approves

We’ve tried it and couldn’t stop. It’s very addictive!
Prl, a boardgamegeek user
Such a great game and we’ve never heard of that. You must have really sucked at marketing.
For me it’s the biggest surprise of the fair.
boardgamedigger, a youtuber
A small, but pleasant party game from Germany which stands out due to its useful app integration. You can play it solo or cooperatively, there is even a campaign. A lot of things in the small box.
Eileen Schnütgen, Spieletreff Duisburg
Hosoda Tukoka,