Milena Meißner
2019-07-04 17:53:42

The time has finally come! SOVIET KITCHEN IS ON KICKSTARTER. And the first day was awesome! 52% funded in the first 24 hours - 229 wonderful supporters by now!

SK Unleashed on Kickstarter

Support us and choose one of 4 rewards!

  1. For all French Soviet Kitchen friends: Kickstarter exclusives only (see below for details)
  2. Feel the Socialism (6€+shipping) - Queue for something! You don't know WHAT you get. You don't know HOW MANY or WHEN... Let alone WHAT COLOR? But you will probably get something great someday!
  3. The Soviet Kitchen Core Game (17€/ 8€ for preversion-owners + shipping) includes: 104× Ingriedient cards, Soviet Kitchen App, all unlocked Stretchgoal, all Kickstarter Exclusives: e.g. Smartphone holder
  4. The Soviet Kitchen Kremlin Edition (60€+ shipping): Never spill your ingredients all over the table again and don't ruin your shirt while cooking with all those colorful ingredients! With the help of the premium SK Playmat+Apron. On top of that: Drink a potatoe juice with us at every fair ever! Includes: Soviet Kitchen Unleashed Core Game, fancy SK Playmat, printed SK apron, potatoe juice.

The delivery of the rewards will be in october. Essen Pick-Up is available as well - that means: no shipping costs!

Check out the project! Back us! Share it with your friends!

What's different in Soviet Kitchen Unleashed compared to the SPIEL18-version?

Milena Meißner
2019-06-29 20:01:29

Soviet Kitchen Unleashed launches on Kickstarter the 2nd of July! Great! But what will be in there for YOU? What's different from the original Soviet Kitchen?

What's new?

8 new ingredient cards, for example: secret sauce, tox-o-meter,
novichok, camera or the super exciting bucket of rain water 🔥🔥

>>  We've created a whole new chapter: “KGB” including 6 new missions (+1 Kickstarter exclusive!)

>> We added cards and replaced boring ones, so we've got at least 8 new ingredient cards (many with special effects).

>> The new Challenge mode comes with challenges like:

  • "Survival” - the former highscore mode
  • "Soviet Feast" - Cook each dish once!
  • "KGB secret mission"

>> We added a settings menu to the app with audio settings and a KS-exclusive meatgrinder skin!

>> All our kickstarter supporters will get an exclusive cardboard meatgrinder to hold their Smartphones. (passionately engineered by Ando and Jonas)

What's different?

We listened to your feedback and balanced, balanced and balanced. A bunch of things were edited, refined, turned around, shook, stirred, disassembled and put back together to improve the gameplay.
For example:

  • We changed the system of star rewarding. Before each mission the screen shows you which bonus objectives you need to fullfil to gain extra stars. 
  • We reworked all effect cards. Some were exchanged completely.
    We rebalanced the toxicity values: allocated them newly and generally raised them. Also we clarified the toxication indicator.
  • We edited the colors of the ingredients. They differ strongly now and are richer and louder than before. In addition to that, they are allocated more evenly in the card decks.
  • Barth reduced the likelihood of several components with nearly the same color in the same dish.

Besides that, we refined the design of the cards and added effects to the app. Ingredients now literally fall into the grinder and the cards are left-handers friendly (finally Ando can play with us!😁).

Soo... is it worth it to support Soviet Kitchen Unleashed for owners of the original SK version?

Soviet Kitchen Unleashed Box

Of course this decision is up to you. We would really really like to have all of you on board, though. That’s why we calculated night and day and can proudly offer:

Get your copy of Soviet Kitchen Unleashed for only 
8 €* (9,10$)
that's more than 50% off the standard kickstarter price (17€)!

plus shipping: 3€ to Germany, 5€ in the EU, 9€ (10,20$) to the US - Or you choose Pick Up at Spiel 19 in Essen and pay NOTHING for shipping🔥🔥
*only for proven owners of the original Soviet Kitchen game (see the next paragraph).

How to get that awesome discount:

This is for all owners of the SPIEL18-Version of SK. Our favourite would be:

  • you take a picture of you and your game (see "creative" examples below)
  • you post it on facebook/ instagram/ twitter or our bgg-page and tag us(@hybrgames) 
  • we then contact you for the details - and done!

If you don’t really like sharing pictures, you can also email it to us ( or send it to us via facebook pm.

Ando & Milli show how to hold a game

By the way:

The app for the Spiel18-version of Soviet Kitchen will still work like it used to! And many in-app addons from Soviet Kitchen Unleashed will be available for the Spiel-18-version as well! So, no worries. It can only get better ;) 

New partner in France: IGIARI 🎉

Milena Meißner
2019-06-29 00:35:16

We can happily announce our collaboration with IGIARI. IGIARI will publish Soviet Kitchen Unleashed in all French speaking countries. It will be called "Soviet Kitchen Second Serving" and it will be released in autmn 2019.

The French version of the game will not yet be available on kickstarter, but there will be the option for all our French amis to buy the kickstarter exclusives separately!

We are more than happy to have IGIARI by our side and look forward to work together :)

Notre partenaire IGIARI va publier la version française de Soviet Kitchen Unleashed à l'automne 2019, directement en boutique, sans passer par Kickstarter, avec tous les stretch goals inclus ! Toutefois, si vous ne voulez pas rater les exclusivités Kickstarter, nous avons créé un pledge spécialement pour vous !

Soviet Kitchen goes Kickstarter - Launch date: 2nd of July

Milena Meißner
2019-05-16 11:41:44

Soviet Kitchen returns!! We've made a new improved version of Soviet Kitchen and we send it to Kickstarter! Launch date is the 2nd of July 2019. We are super excited about our first campaign. Join our facebook event to not miss the special day!

The new Soviet Kitchen version will have a whole new chapter, more special cards, color adjustments, a challange mode and changes in the toxication management. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the survey about your wishes, comments and ideas. They are the basis for the new Soviet Kitchen!❤

Everyone who owns the original Soviet Kitchen will of course have all the App-Updates for free. The game itself will be heavily cheaper for you guys.

Check out our just a little bit weird announcement trailer!

New gang member: Jonas

Milena Meißner
2019-05-16 11:01:11
Jonas a.k.a. Joni-boy, Jayjay, Johnson, jpg

Let me introduce Jonas to you! Our newest HYBR-Team-member. He will mainly be researching on new ways of Object Tracking for our Apps (in Soviet Kitchen we’re using QR-Codes but there’s more to come!).

As we work together very closely at HYBR, he’s also gonna support Ando doing game design, Barth programming and me planning the Kickstarter campaign. Jonas studied Network-Computing and he's a passionate videogamer, which makes him see boardgames from another perspective. Besides that, he’s a really funny dude - main job requirement at hybr😁.

Das Projekt HYBR Games wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.