App Studio

A new era of board gaming lies ahead of us!

You are editor or publisher of board games and can’t imagine why or how to add apps to your amazing board games? We do. With no downtime, no gimmicks, and reliable. No shit.

Why hybrid?


Step by step game guidance allows the players to start playing straight away - no rulebook needed!


Sound effects, animations and interacting game characters let players immerse deeply into the game atmosphere and story.

community based

by introducing profiles, highscores and user generated content!


by reducing setup times and repetitive tasks during the game (e.g. playing ingame opponents in Dungeon crawlers)


addons and adjustments can be made even after game release.


Players can be addressed directly in the app to inform them about upcoming events or new projects!


Applications allow innovative new game mechanics. Solo modes, saving game progresses and legacy features change the boardgame world, as we know it. Unlockable content, anyone?

What we offer to you:

We develop full fledged hybrid games for you that stand out.
We make your existing games hybrid with creativity and sensitivity to the essence of your game.
We implement your wishes technically and integrate the mobile device in your game in meaningful and elegant ways.
We programm the app in respect to your needs and take care of all maintenance, and support regarding the app, during and after the game launch.

Go hybrid now!

Together we revolutionize the board game world! Text us!