Soviet Kitchen Unleashed now with “Corona Mode”

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Bartłomiej Zalewski
2020-12-16 12:46:35

On December 24, HYBR Games will release a huge update for Soviet Kitchen Unleashed, which will enable players from around the globe to play together safely and analogously, despite social distancing. The new remote game mode is free and available for all owners of the game.

The Corona virus measures are forcing players all around the globe to be creative and change the way they play. More and more players find themselves at videochat supported gaming, often with self made or self printed materials to allow for game beyond the ordinary suspects. In additon, Tabletop Simulator, available on desktop computers, has also been found incredibly powerful to enable regular gaming groups to meet online.

How to play despite the virus

And not only players, also board game publishers need to get creative. As a leading role in board game digitalisation, HYBR Games is reacting to current events not only in future board games but is even adapting already published games.

“Soviet Kitchen is a flexible game, and these days, more and more players try the 2 player and solo modes that are offered. Furthermore, new updates beyond the original release can directly react to the current situation. Soviet Kitchen will receive a new online mode to unite social distancing and physical playing: It will be the first physical card game to allow for simultaneous play on up to 6 different tables. No matter how far or close."

Andreas Wilde, game designer

As usual, the game's ingredient cards are distributed among the players around the tables and are played in the known manner of holding them above the device. The main difference in the new mode is the meat grinder, which is now online! It's not only available on the present device, but connected to more meat grinders on up to 5 additional devices

In order to cook together, one player hosts the game and invites the other players to join the party. The players communicate via webcam or telephone to discuss their moves and can all see the same orders and results on their devices. They can also use HYBRs new discord server to connect and meet new comrades!

In time for christmas

On the 24th of december, the online mode officially goes online. It will make this unique christmas especially enjoyable for families that can’t be united physically.
The new Online mode is free and usable for all owners of Soviet Kitchen Unleashed. They just need to update or install the Soviet Kitchen app on Playstore and iOS. The new mode can be found in the main menu

Everyone who can't wait until christmas can try Soviet Kitchen Unleashed online NOW! The beta mode is available for android already. Just check your Soviet Kitchen app!