Team news - a small story about a team in action

Published by
Milena Meißner
2020-04-29 21:24:24

There’s a new mate in our crew. Maria - student of marketing and media and our new secret weapon for kickstarter marketing. You'll learn more about her soon!

Currently she's being introduced to the hybr world and its very special inhabitants. But what are they doing exactly? 

HYBR on a skype meeting

Corona also effects our daily business. We're in homeoffice but still try to playtest as much as possible, online and with flatmates and partners.

HYBR's new game Houston, we have a Dolphin! is rearing to go. Gameplay and App are finished, now we're prettying up and optimizing them.

Jonas works on the backend of the dolphin-app. He's optimizing our self developed image detection software to avoid the detection of astronauts in andos hair (more about image detection soon!) and implements advanced game scenarios and special cases into the app. 

Barth's constantly working at the frontend of the app, adding an options menu and missing screens like "New content unlocked". He also prepares the integration of a tutorial and fixes appearing bugs in the gameplay. In addition to that, he's already got his fingers on another game!

Meanwhile Ando, Milli and Maria are busy with the physical product and the preperations for the kickstarter campaign.

Ando finishes the Box design, draws new cards and improves existing ones. He also prepares graphics for the apps interface and animation videos

Milli is working on the rulebook. She's scripting the kickstarter video and the in app tutorial. Maria and Milli are contacting board game reviewers and manufacturers, setting pledge level and Stretchgoals and keeping you guys updated! 

Dolphin App and board - in prototype state