Game Changer

Board games and card games like you've never seen them.

HYBR is a studio for innovative board games and card games. Don't just play games. Play HYBR.

We connect the best of two worlds

All games from HYBR are played using a smartphone or a tablet. The special thing is, that this digital device never plays the main role, but is placed in the background and seemlessly integrated in the gameplay. HYBR leverages the multimedia and online features of your device without distracting you from having fun with physical pieces.

Best of physical games

Beautiful cards and figurines, high-quality imagery and the great social interaction at the playing table with your friends and family.

Best of video games

Awesome animations, sounds, game guidance, connecting your playing table with the Internet.

Play intuitively

Never ever reading the rules booklet again. Our games can be played as soon as you unbox them.

Movie-like, intense stories

Every HYBR game tells you an interesting, exciting story. And you become a part of it, you can control it and decide how it ends.


Become also a part of the HYBR community: play online, post your high score, download extensions.

Board games are great, because they create bonding social interactions with friends, and provide unique, fun and dramatic experiences. We really believe that this level of interaction is gaining more and more importance in the digitally connected world we live in. The end point is not about whether we use technology or not during our free time, it’s how we use it and how we build meaningful interactions. Andreas Wilde, founder