Announcement: Houston, we have a Dolphin!

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Milena Meißner
2020-06-24 19:59:48

The 30th of June 2020 the new hybrid game "Houston, we have a Dolphin" by HYBR Games launches on the crowdfunding platform The 1st of December 2020, in time for christmas, the game will be released in German retail.

The 30th of June, 5pm HYBR second campaign starts on kickstarter. During 28 days the team tries to reach their funding goal of 9.500 EUR. The fullfillment shall start in November 2020. Retail Release is the 1st of december 2020.

Box of Houston we have a Dolphin
HYBRs new game: Houston, we have a Dolphin!

Houston, we have a Dolphin!

An anchovy in the floppy drive?! This can only mean one thing: There’s a dolphin on board the spaceship!

Each player controls a team of up to 4 astronauts with different abilities, possibly fooled by a murderous dolphin. During dangerous spacewalks the astronauts try to repair the sabotaged spaceship, unaware if their companion helps them or secretly undermines the mission. After each spacewalk the Captain’s command decides about the fate of his crew members. However, a crew in panic can easily overthrow his shifty captain and send him to the void.

Houston, we have a Dolphin! is a card-based social deduction game especially designed for a low player count of 3-5 players.

Hwhad! has not only a super creative story, it's technologically advanced. As interface between cards and app serves a reliable image detection algorithm, developed in-house. This allows an in app narrator and an easy-to-follow game tutorial and opens the Social Deduction genre for smaller gaming groups of 3-5 players.

  • 3-5 players
  • 14 years +
  • 30 min playtime
  • Author: Andreas Wilde (HYBR Studio)
  • Publisher: HYBR Games

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