Impressions of SPIEL'19

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Milena Meißner
2019-11-22 18:19:08

SPIEL is nearly a month ago now but it feels like it was yesterday. Everyone who's been there before knows what we're talking about. This fair is STUNNING.

This year we were 5 Hybrans - the core team and our supporter Fabse. We've explained, played and cheered. On sunday we happily celebrated that we've sold ALL copies we've brought. :)

We got inspired by so many awesome booths and in great talks and playthroughs with our player community. We've noted all wishes, comments and criticism and a lot of it already found its way into the new updates. Additionally we've got loads of new input through meetings with possible partner publishers, distributors, retailers, authors and illustrators. Super interesting.

One of our biggest learnings: There will be a kids version of Soviet Kitchen. The player's feedback was only positive, many say their childrens love the game already. And also potential partners were convinced of the idea. Currently the projects' name is: Monster Munch. First impressions soon to follow!

Thanks to all for another wonderful SPIEL. It was a huge pleasure to meet so many beautiful humans! Have fun looking through the pictures.

Colorful moments, wet moments, and a little bit of playing Soviet Kitchen.
The invincible winners of our competition - Each team won a copy of the game!
The team.