New partner in France: IGIARI 🎉

Published by
Milena Meißner
2019-06-29 00:35:16

We can happily announce our collaboration with IGIARI. IGIARI will publish Soviet Kitchen Unleashed in all French speaking countries. It will be called "Soviet Kitchen Second Serving" and it will be released in autmn 2019.

The French version of the game will not yet be available on kickstarter, but there will be the option for all our French amis to buy the kickstarter exclusives separately!

We are more than happy to have IGIARI by our side and look forward to work together :)

Notre partenaire IGIARI va publier la version française de Soviet Kitchen Unleashed à l'automne 2019, directement en boutique, sans passer par Kickstarter, avec tous les stretch goals inclus ! Toutefois, si vous ne voulez pas rater les exclusivités Kickstarter, nous avons créé un pledge spécialement pour vous !